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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 25, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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when evening lol. the owner welcome to nhk world news line and you know tommy in tokyo. the secretary general of the united nations has announced that a conference on syria will take place on generate twenty second in geneva. diplomats have been trying to organize peace talks for months. in a statement issued monday un secretary general condiments as the conference to bring together representatives of the syrian government and the opposition. you'll be
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the first time the two sides to the negotiating table since the conflict began more than two and a half years ago. more than one hundred thousand people and been killed in fighting two million have fled the country find even says he expects all regional and international partners to support the negotiations. anti government protests in thailand had spread to key locations in the capital rose to one double bali and bangkok is following the story. political tensions and thailand are escalating once again anti government protesters on monday forced entry into high profile government buildings some other locations were also targeted by people demanding that resignation of prime minister yoon optionally a canister of being under the control of her breath a taxi protesters swarmed into the compound of the finance ministry as well as the foreign ministry the government has extended the internal security act in
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place in parts of bangkok. as in a massive anti government protests triggered chaos in the capital. bangkok's main international airport was forced to close the lid. says the demonstrators are putting thailand's economy at risk by her confidence and undermine him to resign as texas and gets to play. escalation was triggered when you are trying to force through a controversial amnesty bill but the brits thailand's political divisions run much deeper. few bucks county sun reports. the actress who was director of undocumented labor market thirty different locations on monday link tv stations like this one as well as military police department buildings. former prime minister. i want to
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you can use these much needed time we're stepping up their campaign to remove the taxi receipt. into this crap come from. first you want to be huge political gamble. she forced into a steep hill through the lower house of parliament that could lead to tax the party fox was overthrown by the military in two thousand and six and the country in two thousand and eight. he was convicted of corruption would face jail if he returns critics of the docks at least eagles. the wait for her brother to come home what is going green the protesters. and so on rain is expected to approve and as you go. but alarmed by the end brands under the tree can be unanimously rejected the treaty the boat and anti
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toxin forces raised us. call for the overthrow of the cup longtime political confrontation. he has told voters supported by accident and sister. prime minister after party won elections in two thousand and eleven. both teams have benefited farmers will carry its most controversial issues. my inflated prices urban voters to keep your ways you can lead to buy political support they see she's undermining confidence in the thai economy. he said economic planning. cause his theory that the open you'll carry us those disparities have spilled over into
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the political competition worse than it has been damaged. the cancer pursuit of arms to him. he strongly do with it. institutions since i was going to win the league history. his conclusion. friends are continuing in the philippines in the wake of typhoon high and a cormorant handicap and disaster relief team he said stepping up operations in the hard hit city of tampa don't blink an eye on them last week. poetry self defense force announced as part of the largest ever broader mission undertaken by the sdl. one thousand one hundred personnel are engaged in activities such as distributing supplies and setting up medical facilities team members described the reaction to the devastation. the more you know it was extremely shocking the destruction around here is hard to believe. at least one thousand two hundred thirty five people have been
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confirmed dead and with the one thousand six hundred are still missing. most of those killed were innocent of pipes everything i meant soon enough. some parts of the ira and are still inaccessible by road. we hope to send relief supplies to those areas. at that moment and i'm not. yet in bangkok and i. bank of japan governor howard koch wrote this as the central bank will be able to achieve its two percent inflation target in about two years as planned billie says the goal is ambitious. but sent the tape and cut it i've become the slope of the international stronger now it's done. basically the war was always to become peace i gulped it. two posts
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into a new purpose and thirty inflation targeting policy seoul the bible did come out clean the debate. rudd also said the doj is standing possible side effects of monetary easing measures include government bond purchases. he noted the boj policy makers are still discussing what sort of side effect may surface. but he added that the bank will overcome any uncertainties the head of france's central bank has expressed confidence in the recovery of the eurozone economy. he admits however that there are still lingering uncertainties gov crescendo year spoke in an interview with nhk and tokyo. he said exports are recovering in countries of the block there were hit hard by the credit crisis. nobody we are no growing again. and the media. the dream pull
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this assignment is to stay in the so called pirie st counties. she saw improving quite enough. they're also pointed out that labor market reforms are necessary to strengthen corporate competitiveness. earlier this month the european central bank lowered its benchmark interest rate to zero point two five percent of help support the region's economy financial assets held by japanese households have grown this year partly due to rally is on the tokyo stock exchange and managers said the psc are trying to attract more individual investors to the market. our reporter elaine lee has ball. at the tokyo stock exchange at a high of six point three trillion yen in me. but in the system to provide that the s e t it's got more than sixty percent of japanese adults say they do not invest money in stocks because they lack the basic trading knowledge. groups of young
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people flock to the trading learn to compete in a smartphone application context. cel sci fi show. i'm hoping that this and other projects to help people get from your hand which stopped reading to his mouth. on the coast at the top of the secrets of ice until the hunt is on a month. chris and majesty with a company whose president to whom i just found it. to know it was a bit closer to japan at the peacemaker less than ten percent on home court advantage. over thirty percent in the us will she end of dollars in cash in bank savings and that means tell him what he has seen the kids to and carrie's new generations. thanks to everyone indeed it was even given the majority of individually investors are in their fifties and sixty. we need to reach out to
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the younger generation to let them know more about the stock market. eve plans to launch a new stocking next makes it a few more e investments. it's also considering introducing the containing what the benefit of stock with this at home and abroad change will also get the cure team from the government to a new tax exemption planned on to become teens racial stacked it all in january. he need nhk world tokyo. aye aye aye chinese officials find themselves at the center of a diplomatic route over the weekend they announced they set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. that drew immediate criticism from japan south korea and the united states. nhk world was a killer talking has more they don't study with this announcement. be sure they
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would reset in their defense identification zone in order to protect the sovereignty land and air space. defence officials in beijing said and crap and trained his own maths notified tiny so authorities of punk bands and obey instructions. they want the emergency defensive measures eighteen stocks has not followed. the zoning clues in space over the sink our clients to pan controls the itunes time and taiwan claimed him. the band maintains that the sink is belong to the country historically and in terms of international law. in a heated the premise the scenes on to criticize the action to know which path to outline his creation of the air defense identification zone is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea it's very dangerous as it could escalate the situation in the region and lead to unintended consequences. us
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officials say they are deeply concerned. secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense timetable issued statements criticizing china and there is a restraint hegel reiterated that the same cup liners fall under the japan u s security treaty. the south korean defence officials say it's regrettable that time is you and defense identification zone. the overlaps that of that country. they could affect commercial airlines as well. until now kerry is lying between japanese cds in taipei. all we needed to submit my plans to the japanese and taiwanese and topical authorities. but all authorities in the scene until four and allies. eight months and flight plans to time you see the snow crystals a bit cramped house there is a zone. japanese vice foreign minister pak into the psyche some of
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the time his ambassador to japan on monday. he told him that many commercial aircraft fly over the east china sea and that's japanese carriers do not have to submit any flight plans to time he's a beast. no authorities. south korean officials also say they will not give advance notice when their craft line cruises on. this all my japanese in self defense force commandos as time has moved will have negative consequences. do you. double click a key air defense identification zone are defined areas. when an unknown aircraft enters the zone. fighter jets scrambled to prevent it from ensuring the country's airspace china's announcement being nearly lies in the face of international rules concerning ddr diseased minds also de stabilize the region
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it creates many problems chinese officials have rejected complaints from the pound. foreign ministry spokesperson team gone said it's totally unreasonable enron was a count of cuz the zone. this latest step in the territorial dispute between the countries suggests a diplomatic resolution is a long way off the second chicane. it is a world token. the team from the international atomic energy agency is to inspect the decommissioning process at the focal she might die achieve nuclear plant members are gathering information in tokyo before heading to the complex on wednesday. the nineteen member team includes experts in reactor de commissioning in radioactivity. the second visit by the team since april is scheduled to run until wednesday of next week. team leader juan carlos pantyhose said he wants to share with the world what they learn from the for pushing the case
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twenty hole added that they will pay particular attention to the way radioactive water is handled at the facility they will also assess the safety of the effort to remove nuclear fuel from the number for a reactor building. the new us ambassador to japan says her country will continue supporting the reconstruction of the areas devastated by the two thousand and twelve earthquake and tsunami caroline kennedy is currently on tour of the north eastern japan. i miss hero's journey of small to report on her visit and high expectations for appointment has generated caroline kennedy is spending two days in the northeast they have many teeth now recovering from searchers thousand eleven disaster coordination of my antique with nary kent taylor anderson where it isn't just an english teacher. anderson and i went it's now here's a
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sneaky. her parents donated books to schools in the region. i know this is a guy that took place. study hard. please be kind and is in america and friends. he is an alternate and lawyer. she was born in nineteen fifty seven. she was five years old when her father was a fast knit plenty of getting an atm and face to the japanese people before writing to us in her post. i'm fortunate to study japanese history and culture. and you have visited your beautiful country. she spoke about traveling to her she laughed and felt compelled her to hope for world peace. he later shared a story to her honey may encounter at math. she said the players he realized the people of japan and the united states share common values fostering the pension. he's never woken
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kennedy enthusiastically hundreds lined the streets last week. it's a lot of forster and tyrants and their ilk are going to beat the canberra. canada's doctors in its ambassador. i respect her as a woman. it was too busy. experts suggest today may have a positive impact on japanese society by promoting women's issues. one of the issues that japan is the society's that is the empowerment of women. and we know that no population is declining. so we have to engage the house of the population. to this society. and poor old. being a for some female ambassador to japan. would have a positive effect on that though. the issue. shaken and
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negativity eight f kennedy's reason. they want or if she had the diplomatic skills needed for her new job the japan us alliance is complex and includes many friends did issues such as the status of american military bases and optionally last japan's relations with neighboring countries such as china and south korea and florida because kerry kerry o'keeffe he's not perfect and i am impressed. these direct channel to president obama may help her make up for lack of experience. keep it a couple who take up the phone and probably to the president of the man says president obama would directly outside so in that respect i think you with the presence of an across the us. in japan and the role she declared her. in
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the use of conduct. well your monitor. nbc to content successful the result of the taller of the legendary different. turn ambassador to japan will be one of the house to watch and not like ever. junior toronto nhk world tokyo. that was the areas devastated by the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami we apologize for that error. in i do. two big rivals won a thrilling finale in japan's last grand sumo tournament of the year. nhk roast your mari to join this earlier to tell us how it all ended. in the final a day that to you was not hungry hole and hide among the two are tied for
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first place each with just one loss. the pace tell each other on the final day on sunday all all the marbles. a win here would give a hug will his capacity to improve the overall championship. we do once defended his drysdale and true he's still as good as his artist wife the good the not so good to go to kentucky when students and that it didn't go for full reasons for this attack was going to war with many stops the ball he says. little old ladies it all over the read we of course like with like now the new little book would ease the widow of losing isn't going to a need to get
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is yule. either that or go then with it. the so i don't need to call to come up with the biggest cause of their team by winning the first and last dance for you. for all that important small them up when he was plagued by injuries. purdue was back in top form this time and it enabled the twenty nine year old mongolian to fight aggressively with his blistering speed. now let's talk about a man who performed just as well as the two meal cause enough or the beach and youngster was topped off a couple of early losses kept him from winning his first championship but he left the pool cup after making a big statement
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the right to know something about it and have it. i was all before. the company said well when baby seals the deal will help. he built with him. the since. you could split the bill included a table and humble to do. you can use this cookbook has said that it is intended to be opened to his corvette the little bit then go put the dog will become a reality only use the creek we put on the dips and olson honesty unfortunately the end of the competition with a losing record of seven wins and eight losses. but that's not so bad considering that was his first debut tournament in the market on to top division his will we know what he needs to do team proved so i'm sure he'll re group and
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would do much better in january. there's a storm over north eastern asia and rachel ferguson has been following the situation which will give us the latest. i know things that many callings and across much of the western hemisphere northern hemisphere should think i would give anything that winter is coming up it was the north east of asia we have a severe storm is bringing heavy snow to parts unknown jiang province and also insists that the eastern russia. as for japan with a frisbee moving through today and rather than snow. it has beamed from heavy rain actually from southall canal was feeling it as well. all are left with the north accompanied by strong winds snapped as we head into tuesday that storm is going to start to pull the weight of the bubble had been explained is that the arctic air mass filtering in and it'll come across the sea of japan and also the yellow sea and on a rainy start to the effect of snow still working at piling up in the korean peninsula and also
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in northern japan. along the western edge here is clear we usually get a very high the snow. temperatures will also be falling and that their perceived eighteen degrees in tokyo on tuesday but that temperature is likely to fall and that we see things can really cool down towards the end of the work week already chilean still despite increased year high of seven and eighteen minus sixteen for the high end her and that our president was the fabric shop in the twenties in taipei as well if in hong kong. right next to go to the americas now as could be a very busy he u particularle here. i in the pristine thankiving on thursday i went snow problem so far the beginning of the work week but we do have some things that are brewing and here over in the east is kinda the snow it was the northeast and that the thoughts of rain and periods of ice and sleet as well as the first to oklahoma when jason video that this was that oklahoma fifty at a residence here digging out after ten centimeters of snow fall this past weekend
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the same storm which has already been causing dangerous travel conditions across the southwest have resulted in several deaths and numerous traffic accidents in much of the southwestern california to texas. under the flags were also canceled train when the busiest travel days of the year. well i've now with the storm moving east at this situation is going to be pushing in and died in towards arkansas and facts and parts of the northeastern tech this year the theme. if the freezing rain potentially it's a very dangerous stuff to be driving in the carolinas and down into northern georgia to be expanding that well. it changes over in the purple here to compete in a mixture of sleet and snow before finally becoming snow. of course the north east have your spots for the great lakes. the temperature is unsurprisingly are going to be very very low. these are high here on monday. i love the place is struggling to reach above the freezing point. centers will start to improve though from the west
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reaching about as far as the midsection of the us still will say very chilly appear towards the northeast for the rest of the week. i think what is happening in the year as well mostly dry in time for you and towards the west end of the high fashion place but it is a very unstable through the mediterranean the southern balkans and turkey. i've got to be read into the whole week pale as well as heavy rain could cause flash flooding and another turnover to snow in the north western balkans and in the alpine region as well you get about forty centimeters of snow here in temperatures that although it could be dry at the west it is going to be very chilly just five degrees when in london seven in paris and three in thailand even than twice the south of adjusting those highs in the mid teens get extended forecast. aye
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aye. i know. it is. that's
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just want to shower and she told me. it is. each. and
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heck. dunedin. it is nice she is up to that old who could honestly. many traces of the damage can still be seen in the coastal areas of the npt. d who it is a freelance journalist from argentina. a student called he went on a spanish language for an american news network. he was one of the first foreign journalists who claim to cover the affected areas off the earthquake. recently called


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